Bridget Harte (All Ireland Board of Ballroom Dancing Teachers) Where it all Began.

The Love of Dancing. Its a well known fact that you have got to love what you do to be able to pass on the knowledge to others in an enjoyable and relaxed way. My Love happened quite by accident  in my secondary school during our lunch breaks. Being a progressive Catholic School in London, and happy to let individuals develop in an free and orderly fashion, we were given the School hall and for the sum of 2 penny’s towards the African missions,  we would dance to the recent chart hits. We eventually organized ourselves (actually mostly myself,) to bring in our own vinyl records and we danced for the remainder of our lunch break.  So what had started out as the enjoyment of singing and dancing to the charts turned very quickly into choreographing our own dance routines. This was to be the beginning of a life time of dance.

Experience. Its now over forty Years later and I’m still dancing & teaching. Travelling over the years and Teaching Classes in Ireland, London and New Zealand. I have always believed you have to go to the countries where dances originated and train with the natives (if you get my drift). Anyway I headed off with a few others to Buenos Aires to learn the Argentine Tango, Porto Rico in the Caribbean to Learn the Merengue, Barcelona to learn the Bachata. Cuba to learn the Salsa. Brittany to the Learn (Le Jive), Miami to learn the Swing. All this happened after I qualified with the All Ireland Board of Ballroom Dancing Teachers, Affiliated to the IDTA. Dancing is like any other skill in life, you must constantly keep updating, constantly creating  more opportunities for yourself to progress and improve. But most importantly you must have fun doing it.

New Challenges. With fast changing times, mostly due to the Internet, we all browse and look at what the rest of the world is doing. Strictly Come Dancing has been a huge influence on the lives of many, and as a good consequence there are more and more people enjoying how to learn to dance. This could be for the 1st Dance for a Wedding, or simply to dance away the night at a social or party night. Another change is, clubs and societies organizing Strictly Come Dancing Fund Raising Nights. In the past 18 months, myself and my teachers had successfully completed 14 Finals and have helped clubs in and around Limerick, Clare, Cork and Tipperary raise badly needed funds to complete projects for their clubs and charities. Its all good news.

Learn to Dance Online. During the next 12 months I will be uploading videos demonstrations and learning tutorials for those who want to learn the basic steps at home. It is not always easy to get to a training centre. Plus you may not be living close to Limerick, North Cork, West Limerick, Clare & Tipperary and these videos will come in handy. If you return to the home page and follow the link to Training Videos you will find the first 5 already waiting for you. Plus this year we are launching CHILDRENS Strictly Come Dancing Classes, up and running at present is Adare and five other areas coming on stream shortly. This hopefully will guarantee that we don’t end up with a generation gap of youngster who can’t dance.

Happy Dancing............. From: Bridget Harte (All Ireland Board of Ballroom Dancing Teachers)

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