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Wedding First Dance

Learning Your First Dance Routine  (A few Handy Hints)

MUSIC A few handy hints can make learning your first dance much easier. Firstly Choose a song that really means something to both of you. It is best to keep the song length to 2 or 3 minutes. Do Remember you don’t have to choose a waltz song because you think the first dance has to be waltz, this is a thing of the past.

DANCE STYLE Secondly decide what type of dance you would like to do. What I mean by this is: Do you want to keep it simple and elegant or would you like to have a combination of dance styles. You have lots of choices.


DANCE TYPES The foxtrot is a favourite with many as it take just a one hour session to master and is less pressure on the day. The Waltz starting from scratch you may have to budget for two hours. Many dances are quick and easy to learn, including the mambo and salsa. The Jive is a bit trickier when you take into consideration the size and flow of the brides dress, but its very doable.

LOOKING COMFORTABLE The Majority of couples try not to look like they have just come straight from a dance class. With a bit of practice this is very achievable. The Dance Class is always recorded and ready to use when you as a couple get time to rehearse.

PRACTICE  If you have time? then it is a good idea to visit your wedding venue and have a practice on the actual Dance Floor. The size of the floor is  very important, you don’t want a fast flowing quickstep then suddenly realise you may land in one of your guests lap by accident. Most Hotels / Venues are very obliging and don’t mind  you asking to have a trial run on the floor.  Do give them plenty of warning as they may already have tables set up on the floor for a function etc etc.

BRIDAL PARTY  If you do decide to ask your bridal party onto the dance floor during your first dance, then it is a good idea to let them know in advance. You don’t want to find someone has just stepped outside just as you are about the to hit the dance floor.

YOUR BAND It is a good idea to let your band know well in advance which song your have chosen, and can they play it? Or will they use a recording and put it through their sound system for you. Both choices are perfectly okay, and if you have chosen a unique song that you know the band may not know, then use a recording, you will feel much happier doing this.

FUN Finally, this is probably going to be the only 3 minutes of the entire day that you will get to yourselves, so enjoy it, have fun, feel comfortable with your routine, take this romantic 3 minutes and make it yours.

Hourly Rate €75

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