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Learn to Dance

Tuition: Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Jive, Jitterbug, East Coast Swing, Mambo, Tango, ChaCha, Ballroom & Social Dance.

Strictly Come Dancing Shows School Show Choreographer Charleston, Lindyhop, Rock’n’Roll & More

Bridget Harte A.I.B.B.D.

Mobile: 086-3811065


Rock n Roll Basic Steps

Slow Waltz, Basic Steps

Wedding 1st Dance

Foxtrot  Couple Basics

Social Rhythm Foxtrot

Foxtrot Mans Basic Steps

Foxtrot Ladies Basic Steps

Jive Swing Rock’n’Roll Combo

Social Quickstep Basic Steps

Quickstep Ladies Basic Steps

Quickstep Mans Basic Steps

3 Warmups including SLOSH

Jive Basic Steps Couple

Jive Routine 2 Couples

Jitterbug Basic Steps

East Coast Swing Long Routine




Rockabilly Stroll Warmup




2019 Videos

Coming Soon


Dance Videos

Combining 6 -8 New Moves

Charleston, Lindyhop

Salsa, Ballroom Jive,

Argentine Tango

Ballroom Slow Waltz

East Coast Swing

West Coast Swing

Sequence Lilac Waltz

&  More

(Production costs: There will be a nominal fee for these videos)

(Update coming soon)

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